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13 – Dicky Shanor – Wyoming can change the world.
18th October 2018 • Earth+30 • Earth+30
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Occasionally you encounter something that acts as a catalyst for making a major change in how you think about problems, situations, issues, whatever. One afternoon I initiated a conversation with a guy, nothing unusual about that. He happened to be the Chief of Staff to the Secretary of the Department of Education of the State of Wyoming. That was unusual. The conversation touched on issues near to my heart and mind. The more we spoke, the more I thought that he would be a great person to have on one of my podcasts. I don’t want to tell you more, otherwise you might not listen, but trust me, he paints a clear picture of what Wyoming, and many other areas of the U.S., and the wider world face. Dicky is thoughtful, clear, insightful and a captivating activist, open to any and all ideas to solve difficult problems. Join me as we talk about Wyoming and the wider world.