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The New Treat: Packaging You Can Eat with Dr. Yanyun Zhao, Professor at Oregon State University
Episode 624th February 2022 • Pulp Nonfiction • Sustana Fiber
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Welcome to Pulp Nonfiction: The Paper and Packaging Podcast!

February’s podcast guest is Dr. Yanyun Zhao, an esteemed Professor in the Department of Food Science & Technology at Oregon State University. Dr. Zhao discusses her groundbreaking work developing edible food packaging and its exciting implications for food waste reduction, her latest research regarding water-resistant paperboard coatings, her helpful hints on how we can improve STEM curriculum in US schools, and much more!

This podcast is brought to you by Sustana Fiber, a leading producer of FSC®-certified sustainable recycled fibers. At our facilities in De Pere, Wisconsin in the United States and Lévis, Quebec in Canada, we use automated proprietary processes to transform recovered paper into high-quality recycled fiber for use in printing papers, tissue grades and formed molded fiber packaging. We also produce EnviroLife®, a sustainable recycled fiber compliant with FDA standards for food service packaging. Learn more about how our products and manufacturing practices support the circular economy at 

Interested in learning more about sustainability from a variety of professionals committed to helping develop the circular economy to improve our environment? Then be sure to tune in to Sustana Fiber’s latest episode of Pulp Nonfiction: The Paper and Packaging Podcast available beginning Thursday, January 27th, at 9:00 a.m. ET at on YouTube. 

Greg Johnson, Host Sustana Fiber’s Director of New Business Development, Greg has held various sales and marketing leadership roles with organizations including DS Smith, Johnson Paper, and Whiting. Greg enjoys helping companies improve their packaging and has extensive experience introducing sustainable paper and packaging products to brands such as Starbucks, Quaker Oats, and Target. Recognized by Graphic Design USA, the Chicago Tribune, and the Print Services & Distribution Association for numerous creative commercialization projects, Greg believes strongly in the positive impact that recyclable packaging along with responsible recycling can make in meeting consumer’s environmental expectations.

Dr. Marta Pazos, Co-Host A passionate sustainability advocate while working at Coca-Cola, Estee Lauder, Procter & Gamble, and the United States Department of Defense, Marta holds a PhD in Polymer Science. With her refreshing and unpretentious sense of style, Marta explains even the most complex scientific subjects in an easy-to-understand, educational, yet fun way. As a scientist, Marta has been able to develop and qualify many innovations in product formulations, materials, and decorations for consumer products and their packaging. She has solved some critical problems that unless corrected, could cause more than a headache, and created formulations to protect navy vessels, improve energetics, and the way that they are transported and stored. As a partner of a newly created skin care enterprise, Marta has been spending a great deal of her time concocting blends that, while they don’t promise miracles, are assured of creating a transformation guaranteed to make you happier with yourself. A native of Spain, she has lived in seven countries with very different cultures and idiosyncrasies.