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#23: Dan Gipple on Leveraging Loyalty Psychology to Drive Social Change.
Episode 2320th February 2020 • Let's Talk Loyalty • Paula Thomas
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Loyalty programmes are best known as a powerful tool to drive consumers to buy more and spend more however in some rare cases such as "Bella Mossa" in Italy, the programme is drive social change and sustainable behaviour. 

In this episode, Dan Gipple, founder of Better Points, together with Marco Amadori of the City of Bologna Public Transport Authority, created a unique programme to incentivise residents of Bologna to cycle, walk and use public transport instead of driving - and with remarkable results. This loyalty programme was even featured by the BBC in their "World Hacks" series!

We discuss human behaviour, the psychology of consumer loyalty and some ways in which programmes can be funded when the objectives are non- commercial.

Show Notes:

BBC News - Clip featuring the city of Bologna's loyalty programme. 

Bella Mossa - Using Rewards to incentivise citizens of Bologna to drive less frequently,

Dan Gipple.

Better Points Platform. 





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