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Future of Agriculture 077: A Ruminant Revolution with Dr. Peter Ballerstedt
1st November 2017 • Future of Agriculture • Tim Hammerich
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Dr. Peter Ballerstedt is a Doctor of Animal Nutrition and is an expert in forage and ruminant nutrition in agriculture. He stepped out of the agriculture industry for some time and ventured in the tech world for many years. He came back because he realized a fantastic source of health could be found through leveraging animal agriculture, specifically ruminants. A stern believer in grass-based animal nutrition, Peter calls this – the potential of ruminants to lead the way towards healthier diets - the Ruminant Revolution.  


In this episode, Peter discusses what his Ruminant Revolution is all about. He addresses the need for ruminants and why it’s one of the best sustainable options to support an ever-growing human population. He also dives in on some facts regarding cultivable lands and current innovations in the ruminant agriculture industry.


  “Our grassland resources are our largest and least well-utilized resource that remains.”– Dr. Peter Ballerstedt


  This Week on The Future of Agriculture Podcast: 


  • What made him love ruminants?
  • Why do we need a Ruminant Revolution?
  • What the is diet like of mostly meat eaters and the diet he recommends today.
  • The steps needed for rangeland industry progression to catch up with road crops?
  • Why Ruminant Animal Agriculture isn't competitive with human beings.
  • Why he favors grass-based agriculture.
  • His thoughts on the saying "You are what you eat.”


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