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How to Adjust Your Marketing Message in a Recession
Episode 5921st March 2023 • Demand Gen U •
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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, times are tough for B2B marketers.

Every buying decision, whether it’s a new purchase or renewal, is under serious scrutiny right now. 

The best place to start for B2B marketers is to recession-proof your messaging. You need to make sure whatever your company sells is positioned as a must-have product or service in any type of economy.

On DGU this week, get an inside look at we’re adjusting our messaging in a down economy at Metadata.

Listen to the full episode to hear what Mark and Alex learned so far, or keep reading for the show notes.

PS give episode 13 of Demand Gen U a listen (How To Develop Your Positioning and Messaging (And Make It Stick) if you missed it last year

Find out: 

  • Why B2B companies need to adjust their messaging in a down economy
  • When, where, and how to get started at your own company
  • How to work with your Sales team on new messaging 

0:00 – 1:32 Intro 

1:32 – 4:31 Why many companies neglect to change their messaging  

4:31 – 5:42 How to define messaging  

5:42 – 7:06 What you need to think about when changing your messaging 

7:06 – 9:06 How to start tweaking your messaging  

9:06 – 11:58 Signs you need to rethink your messaging  

11:58 – 13:13 A quantitative look at company messaging  

13:13 – 14:41 Where to start  

14:41 – 16:21 Why Metadata is starting small with company messaging 

16:21 – 21:46 How to talk about messaging and ask the right questions  

21:46 – 23:58 How to account for non-traditional personas  

23:58 – 26:56 Testing out your new messaging  

26:56 – 30:56 How often you should revisit messaging  

30:56 – 32:21 Outro