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5 Mistakes to Avoid Building Your Group Program
Episode 5812th January 2024 • Make More Money without Selling Your Soul • Polly Lavarello
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Welcome to Episode 58, where we focus on the crucial steps for crafting a successful group program. 

I'm here today to share the top five mistakes you should avoid when building your group program, drawn from my experience and insights in the field. 

Whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your existing program, this episode is packed with essential guidance to help you navigate the challenges and maximise your program's impact and success.

Here are the highlights: 

(2:22) Common mistakes in group programmes

(6:34) Creating a scalable business with high-touch support

(11:33) Ensuring a supportive and scalable coaching program

(14:43) Creating accountability in group programs

(20:10) Avoiding mistakes in group coaching programs

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