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Season 1 TL;DL: Play Redefined
Episode 712th September 2022 • Lead with a dash of Play • Mary Hendra
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Curiosity, compassion, innovation, and community - why is play not considered essential leadership development? Mary Hendra, Executive Leader and Founder of Move with Grace, shares thoughts on the connection between leadership and play, as well as the impetus for this podcast series.

Was the podcast series “too long, didn’t listen”? This is your summary of a great season of guests exploring the tension between play and work.

“When people know their core truths and live in accord with what I call their play personality, the result is always a life of incredible power and grace.” Stuart Brown, MD, author of Play.

Mary Hendra

Mary Hendra is an executive leader and entrepreneur bringing curiosity, creativity and compassion back into the workplace, into our civic spaces and into our opportunities for adult learning.

In addition to hosting "Lead with a dash of Play," Mary creates unique cohort experiences built on stillness, creativity, and compassion - with a dash of play.

Learn more about Mary's work here:

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