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This is NOT a Spiritual War!
Episode 116th December 2020 • The Anahata Singularity • The Anahata Singularity
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This is the very first episode of this podcast. This was originally uploaded to another platform on December 14th, however that platform did not work out.

In this first episode I give my reasons why I believe that there is no spiritual war going on in the world right now. Most spiritual people believe that there is, and in this episode I give another perspective altogether.


Welcome to the very first episode of this podcast.

Welcome to The Anahata Singularity.

I had an episode all ready to be the first one posted, but the more I went over it, the more it seemed like way too much information way too fast. So what I would like to do instead is give everyone a slow roll in, over the next couple or few episodes, and work our way up to it. So what’s in that very first episode will have to wait for now. But don’t worry, we’ll have plenty to talk about until we get there.

Just so you know what you’re getting yourself into, In this podcast, we’ll be looking at the nature of reality from an esoteric standpoint.. so the information and the terminology I’ll be dealing with and using, are not what the average person is used to.

This podcast is intended for those who we like to term “the awake.” Not to be confused with what main stream media calls “Woke.” This is intended for those who have realized that they have been lied to about absolutely every aspect of realty and are now looking for a solution.

That’s what I want to focus on throughout every episode of this podcast… a solution. To be absolutely clear, a solution is my PRIMARY goal here. I really don’t want to regurgitate what every other truther podcast and channel is focused on… many of them are really full of great and useful information, however, in my opinion, they usually seem to leave the listener wondering exactly what can be done about any of it. That’s why I decided to tackle this from that particular standpoint… to explain what I believe to be going on and what can be done about it, all, again, from an esoteric perspective.

A lot of the subject matter that will be covered in this podcast will seem way out there. Some of you will hit the ground running with what I’ll be discussing, whereas most of you may be thinking “what in the fuck is this guy talking about?” I’m going to be making a lot of bold statements going forward, and put in a way that you may have never heard before. But I hope to make everything clear enough that it all makes sense to you before I’m finished.

Ok, now that we have that out of the way, let me start by making my first bold statement… This is not a spiritual war… You are not at war.

Alright, so I’m sure that shook a few of you up right out of the gate. “We most certainly are at war… this is most definitely a spiritual war and we are clearly under attack, buddy boy!” Nah, no we’re not… at least not in the way that you probably think we are.

We are all one. We are all parts of the same mind. The notion that we are not, is a part of the grand illusion. Look at it from this perspective… whenever two entities face off, whatever that generic word may represent, both believe they’re the good guy, don’t they? No one ever really sets out to pour evil out into the world and make the world the shittiest possible place to live, except in movies… no one really wants that. Only those on the opposing side, are the one’s who have that perspective. Now, do I use the term good and evil sometimes, for want of a better description? Sure. Is there a very real tug of war going on in the world right now? Most definitely.

So what the fuck am I talking about then? It sounds like I’m contradicting myself, doesn’t it?

What I’m saying, is that all of us… every one of us sharing a space in this place that we call reality, are all pieces of the same consciousness… every single last one of us. Even that evil bitch in the grocery store running everyone shit about the proper position for a surgical mask on the face… even her. Do I believe that thing to be entirely human… well, yes, well, yes and no. I believe some people to either be missing the spark that makes soulful human beings sentient and capable of independent thought, or they have it but have not plugged into it yet. I’m not sure which is the case at this point, but it really doesn’t matter in the scheme of things anyway.

I believe every last thing in this reality to be a part of the same consciousness… that goes for animals, plants and even soil and water… everything. That mouthy, miserable faced bitch, in front of you in line at the super market might just be closer to the intelligence of a glass of water than you are, only not nearly as refreshing.

Duality, the Us vs.Them paradigm is exactly what fuels this place, that and the emotion that it invokes… it’s what keeps the illusion alive. Only when we can dispel that illusion will the veil be lifted… the veil being the misery that overlays this realm, revealing the paradise that we truly live in.

I am of the mindset that the things we see in other’s that we dislike, are nothing more than projections of our own unresolved bad qualities. And the things that we see in other’s that we admire, are nothing less than our own unfulfilled potential. And the people that we most closely associate with are what we are currently deserving of… they are reflections of who we are as individuals, whether those good or bad qualities are currently being realized within us or not.

The same holds true for collectives. The people’s of the world see government as what? An entity that is supposed to care about us, to look out for us, to have our best interest in mind… and on the other hand, we see it as being crooked to the core, morally bankrupt, untrustworthy, evil… and most of our politicians are seen as spineless and two faced, right?

So, I ask you, is this not a perfect reflection of who we are as a group? I’d say we’d like to think we’re mostly on the straight and narrow, but are we? Are we really? Personally, I’d see us more or less divided into two groups, one that continuously drags humanity to lower lows, and the other that sits quietly by as it all happens. The first gives direct consent to all of the depravity, degeneracy, and general insanity, while the other gives tacit approval. For those of you unaware of what tacit approval is, it is approval assumed for lack of objection.

Take a good hard look at the politicians that make up our governments and ask yourself if they are not absolutely perfect reflections of our society in every way? Absolutely everything that we accuse them of and everything that they do, is most certainly represented openly within our society, down to the last little detail… and in a big way. We call them, and they call themselves, our representatives and we get all pissy and debate their policies with friends, coworkers and neighbors when we feel that they don’t live up to that word. The fact of the matter is that they represent us in very much the same way your reflection in the mirror represents you. It’s not a better version of you… it’s not going to help you make any life changing decisions when you look to it for guidance, but it is a representation of you. That’s what politicians really are… representations of us, in our current state of being.

I’m saying that they are the way that they are, because we are the way that we are. If we suddenly became better as a people, that governing body simply couldn’t operate… not the way it currently does anyway. I’m saying that that governing body is a phantom effigy of us that rules over us in very much the same way that obsessive compulsive disorder rules over the sufferer of such an illness. This concept may be difficult to comprehend, but I assure you, it’s absolutely true. And you want to know what the secret to curing OCD is? I’m telling you this from personal experience. The cure to that illness is to defuse every threat that it presents you with. Once that’s done successfully, the affliction mysteriously disappears. Whatever worry it presents you with, simply say “So what.” The same works for anxiety. By not giving a shit and refusing to play the game, both afflictions are instantly disarmed. The same works for people who like to argue with you. Absolutely refuse to argue back and you’ll find that they’ll quickly move on and find someone else who will. If no one will, then they have to go and find something else to do or start being a better person themselves.

When you try to push back against OCD, it gets worse. When you resist an anxiety attack, it just intensifies. When you attempt to out debate a person who thrives off of arguing with others, they just get more combative and the effort is fruitless.

I hope you’re getting the message I’m trying to convey here.

The first step is for you to reject what you’ve been told your entire life… that you’re powerless… that one person is ineffectual… that you are small and insignificant in the universe. These are all lies. As the bible says “Ye are as gods.”

So that’s the solution, well, part of it anyway. Until we get to the rest of the solution in later episodes, lets just start being better as people. We’re all fucked up in some way or another… we’re all awful in some way or another, but that’s ok. Go out and make a difference in spite of that. And I don’t mean give all of your money to charity or start volunteering full time to build houses for the poor… it really doesn’t take much. Just simple little acts of kindness goes miles and countless miles across the universe. Believe me, it changes the world. The next time you’re in a convenience store getting your morning coffee, ask the person behind you if they would mind if you bought their coffee and donut. That’s it… no big plan or sacrifice.

And you’ll be tried from time to time… expect that… but don’t let it take you off track. If the person behind you pours the coffee on the floor after you’ve paid for it, just smile and walk away. This mysterious place we live in doesn’t come without it’s tests. There is a part of us, in this place, that very much likes things the way that they are, and will rebel every once in a while. It’s ok. Like I said, you are not at war. If you believe that you are and act like you are, you’ll achieve nothing.

If you vibe with the idea that we are all fractured pieces of the same consciousness, then are we not like one conscious being with multiple personality disorder? And when a psychologist is attempting to cure a person with multiple personality disorder, how exactly do they go about it? Do they tell the patient to wage war on their alters? No, they don’t. Do they coerse the patient to out debate, shout down, or make the alters to feel guilty? Nope. What they do instead, is convince the alters to integrate, to selflessly shed their individual identities and merge into one.

Now, there is a caveat here. Do NOT get this concept confused with the current merge with the machine transhumanist movement going on right now. That is something altogether different and a mockery of what I’m presenting here. We’ll get more into what exactly that is in a later episode. But just for the record, you do not live inside a computer… though it’s true that this is an illusion or a dream, you do NOT live inside a computer. I’d talk about later why that concept is being floated… but for now, just know that I’m talking about the unity of soulful human beings and the natural environment that we live in.

Ok, that’s it for now. In a nutshell, your mission is to disengage, as much as possible, from all the bullshit going on around you… and be just a little better of a person today than you were yesterday. That’s it.

I know some of you may be thinking this is weak… but I wanted this first episode to be brief and right to the point, but we still have a lot of ground to cover. Much more of the reality that we live in to be revealed in future episodes and more parts to add to our solution to make it even more powerful.

My hope is that, through this podcast, I can convince you of the immense power that you have over this reality and compel you to enforce that authority and power to change the world we live in. To rend the veil and reveal the paradise that’s always been there.