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Roblox community safety & civility: Laura Higgins
Episode 613th November 2023 • Interface • SWGfL
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Roblox is massive! It had over 66 million daily users worldwide at the start of 2023. It is understood to be the most popular online gaming platform for UK under-13s, and its user numbers have gone up by a fifth in a single year.

In this episode, Jess McBeath and Princess Lawal take a deep dive with Roblox's head of Community Safety & Civility, Laura Higgins.

Links to further support and information

Resources to support digital wellbeing in children and young people from SWGfL:

To support the online safety of young gamers, parents, carers, and teachers can access the SWGfL Gaming Hub:

The SWGfL 2023 Roblox Checklist, developed in partnership with the platform, allows teachers, parents, carers, and users gain a better understanding of privacy and security settings on the platform:

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