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FHR#016: Recession Resistant Investments with Hunter Thompson
Episode 1614th August 2020 • Freedom Hack Radio • Bryce Robertson
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Bryce talks to Hunter Thompson

Hunter is the founder of Asym Capital which is a private equity firm based in LA

Hunter is a full time real estate investor

Hunter is an expert in building a recession resistant real estate business


Since founding Asym Capital Hunter has overseen and directed the purchase of over $90mil of commercial real estate

He is the author of the Bestselling book; Raising Capital for Real Estate: How to Attract Investors, Establish Credibility, and Fund Deals

He is also the host of the podcast Cashflow Connections

Today is he is grateful to be surrounded by so many people open to new ideas and intellectual conversation

He is driven by ultimate freedom lifestyle to travel and be financially free

Hunter woke up to world of finance in 2008 when he was still in college

He jumped into stock market and value investing

There was success for 2 years and then hit a roadblock in 2010 with the European debt crisis

Hunter realized that his portfolio will always be tied to risks that he can’t foresee.

It was at that moment that he decided to go into real estate markets that were recession resistant - e.g. mobile homes

NOI - net operating income

Gross income minus expenses gives you the NOI

Real estate is traded on a multiple of this income which is called the cap rate

NOI divided by market cap rate which gives you purchase price for a property

You need to diversify your investments to protect against cap rate compression in certain areas

Current recession - we’ve just come out of the longest period of recovery between recessions ever so we were due a recession at some point

Covid didn’t cause the recession but it was the pin that popped the bubble

Hunter sees more downturn to come and says we haven’t felt the pain yet

There are safe and not safe real estate investments

Class A properties are insulated from risk, the tenant base can work from home

Class C are at risk from tenant base and employment, construction and factory jobs - short term pain

Hunter is not anticipating the same death spiral we saw after the 2008 recession - should get back on track much quicker

The habit Hunter has to keep himself on track is working out and pushing limits with exercise