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Glass Talk Episode #37: CI and Lean: Great ideas, but how do they work in fenestration fabrication? - Aynsley Dueck, Duxton Windows and Doors
Episode 394th July 2022 • GlassTalk • Glass Canada
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Aynsley Dueck is operations manager at Duxton Windows and Doors and has focused on bringing Continuous Improvement and Lean processes to her operation for several years now. She talks about just what these concepts are and how they can be applied to window, door and commercial façade manufacturing environments. We cover how to deal with the disruption and change that comes with reforming your processes; how to get employee and management buy-in and how to avoid some common pitfalls. We also look at some of the tangible and less-tangible benefits of CI and Lean, and pick up some specific tips from Aynsley that they’ve discovered in their CI journey.





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