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Stop Confusing People with Jargon and Start Finding Clients
Episode 554th March 2021 • Holistic Business Matters • Helen Harding
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Whilst researching content for a workshop, I discovered many therapists, coaches and healers confuse their clients with their messaging.

LinkedIn has a sea of practitioners with weird and wonderful profiles. They either focus on their collection of approaches or use jargon that no client would understand. A few examples of the sort of things I mean are:

  • Transformational coach helping you achieve authentic confidence
  • Energy medicine and sound healing specialist
  • Healthpreneur, consultant and speaker
  • Holistic therapist helping you find your sparkle
  • Intuitive healer

People are busy and don't want to have to think about what you do. They're simply looking for a solution to their problems. People just want to know how you're going to help them and what results to expect. These are the type of descriptions that will stop you from finding clients because they just aren't clear.

Podcast 55 show notes:

  • (04:02) Practitioner training teaches jargon
  • (04:45) Outside of training - simple rules
  • (06:40) Have a simple way to describe what you do
  • (07:33) Avoid jargon
  • (08:22) Use stories
  • (08:51) Get a second opinion

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