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Get Some Air Cover to Help You Set Boundaries
Episode 18115th August 2023 • You Are Not A Frog • Dr Rachel Morris
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We’re not just service providers – we’re carers and helpers. This can make it hard to set boundaries and prioritise our workload. What we need is air cover.

By working together with your colleagues, you can create agreements about what to say yes and no to, and hold each-other accountable.

And you can also seek out peers outside of work, so you can share your dilemmas and feel less alone. If we keep silently struggling with saying no or setting boundaries, we can start feeling burnout, which can affect our judgement.

In this quick dip, Rachel explains how we can get some protection at work, and ask our peers outside of work for support.

Listen to this episode to

  • Understand the concept of air cover and how it can help with setting boundaries and prioritising workload
  • Learn about how shared accountability and informal networks can help give us air cover
  • Get actionable steps for finding and using air cover to make saying no easier

Episode highlights

  • [00:02:16] We're trying to solve the wrong problem
  • [00:03:49] What happens when we want to say "no"
  • [00:06:36] Legal air cover
  • [00:06:58] Finding air cover in accountability
  • [00:09:03] Air cover from informal networks
  • [00:12:12] How air cover helps to cope with fear
  • [00:12:44] Air cover against complaints
  • [00:14:41] Action points


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