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Episode 182nd June 2020 • Five Minute Family • Clear View Retreat
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Good morning, Five Minute Families. We broadcast weekly here on WECO radio out of Wartburg TN, and can be heard and read on by clicking on our blog tab. Thank you for joining us this morning as we continue to explore how God is gracious, loving, and giving to families throughout history. At the beginning of May, we talked about family identity and how we can connect with God to help shape our family identity. A big part of that identity is our family story. As I was doing my daily reading, I came across Psalm 78:1-4. Listen to the words of God:

My people, hear my instruction;

listen to the words from my mouth.

I will declare wise sayings;

I will speak mysteries from the past—

things we have heard and known

and that our ancestors have passed down to us.

We will not hide them from their children,

but will tell a future generation

the praiseworthy acts of the Lord,

his might, and the wondrous works

he has performed.

What can we learn from these verses? A lot, of course! We always have the opportunity to learn great things from God’s Word and can and should share that with our families. What is your family story? Where has God touched your lives and shaped who you are?

Let’s follow how Psalm 78 directs us:

As a family, do we hear? Is there a time as a family that we discuss the Word of God – discuss His instructions? Yes, we should be together in church as a family and learning there, but is that where things stop? Never. I do hope that Sunday mornings, some Sunday evenings, and possibly even Wednesdays evenings are not your only times of family hearing. With the schedules of life, we find that one of the best times to discuss something is together at the dinner table. Here is an important reminder: Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers to all the questions out there. It’s okay to write down questions, do research (be a berean – see Acts 17:10-11), and ask a mentor, pastor, or trusted spiritual friend. Hear together.

As a family, do we declare? In a world of information overload, are we declaring God’s wisdom or the world’s? During family discussions we have the opportunity to speak God’s truths into our lives and families. Who we are in Christ and who we are to Christ – are two great examples of speaking the mysteries of God. Chew on that as a family, and be a family that is set free by the Truth.

As a family, do we pass down? Do we talk about our spiritual heritage? Do we know our family spiritual heritage? I know without the faithful prayers of my mother, my life would not be the same. What has she gone through that has challenged, shaped, and increased her faith? Her parents were settlers on western land and had many challenges we can never imagine. Do we share those stories? Plan a time to call your parents and grandparents, and glean from them your spiritual heritage. Parents, remember to share those stories with your children.

As a family, do we tell? Flowing from our family’s past, we should be motivated to write and tell about our family future. Maybe your past is fraught with failures and pains, but has God brought victory through the struggles? Can we see and tell of the mercy God has bestowed in our family story? We have seen where a lot of people hide from the past because of their pain and embarrassment, but we have also seen the beauty of God’s greater story in the midst of their family story. May you pass down the glory of God in your family story.

As a family, do we praise? Parents, tell your children the praiseworthy acts of God. As your family story comes together, it will often look like a mixed up tapestry of individual materials all thrown together or a stained glass window full of broken pieces of glass that, up close, may not make a lot of sense. But, step back, look at the whole tapestry, the whole window, and see the glory of God shine as the greater picture comes together. And, as a family, praise God for the process – for the story, for the trials, and for the blessings that have shaped your family.

May the Lord bless you and keep you; may His face shine upon you and bring you peace. Please join us in June as we look at God’s truths for marriage – the foundation of a godly family. Be blessed.