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Episode 65: The Formula to Success
Episode 653rd May 2021 • The Growth Boss Podcast - Building an eCommerce Business from 0 to 6 Figures • Deirdre Tshien & Bona Rai
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Have you ever wondered if the path you're on is going to lead to success?

Have you ever thought that maybe...

It feels like your business might not work out? 😬

And yet you feel a bit stuck...

Do you keep going, or do you pivot?

If you've ever had any of those questions, then this episode might just be for you.

Because not having success in this particular business does not mean you will never find success. You just have to find something the market wants.

And this episode, with our guest Jason Sherman, will help you start to work that out...

Jason Sherman is a successful entrepreneur, award winning filmmaker, published author, tech startup expert, and creative human.

His Startup Guidelines  is a guideline that provides proven methods to build, maintain, and scale a technology platform with minimal mistakes being made, as well as the best way to keep costs down while doing so. Grab that here:

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