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Chaos in My Brain | Interview with Steve Wilson
Episode 1410th April 2023 • Calming the Chaos • Tracy Kenela
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Chaos in My Brain – Living with Bipolar Disorder – Interview with Steve Wilson

Bipolar Disorder is a mental health condition / mood disorder that is present in an estimated 4.4% of adults in the United States. Steve Wilson is one of those people. He joins Tracy at Calming the Chaos to talk about what it is like to struggle with Bipolar Disorder using stories from his own life. He also talks about the forms of treatment he has experienced, and about his newly released book called “Teetering on a Tightrope: My Bipolar Journey.”

Intro – Tell us about yourself and about your book

Teetering on a Tightrope, my bipolar journey, is the story of my lifelong battle for balance. For most of my 73 years I have suffered from bipolar disorder. Descending into the depths of suicidal intentions or rising to the high of watching the births of my children, I have endured a roller coaster ride of epic proportions.


1. When did you first notice some disturbances in your mood?

2. How did you get diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder?

3. In what ways has having Bipolar Disorder affected your major life domains? (such as, physical health, mental / emotional health, social, relationships, vocational / school, legal, etc.) – Some stories here

a. Physical = medication’s effects on kidney; transplant

b. Mental / Emotional = Depression and attempted stabbing of Dad, shame

c. Relationships = Isolation, staying silent

d. Vocational = Not able to keep a job long term

4. How did you seek treatment?

5. Did the treatment work?

6. Suggestions for anyone listening who has Bipolar Disorder

Book Links

Resources for Bipolar Disorder:

Suicide Prevention Hotline: Call 988

24 Hour Crisis Line:

National Institute of Mental Health (NIH) Suicide Prevention: