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Starting an Independent AI Research Lab with Josh Albrecht from Generally Intelligent
Episode 2223rd February 2021 • Machine Learning Engineered • Charlie You
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Josh Albrecht is the co-founder and CTO of Generally Intelligent, an independent research lab investigating the fundamentals of learning across humans and machines. Previously, he was the lead data architect at Addepar, CTO of CloudFab, and CTO of Sourceress, which Generally Intelligent is a pivot from.

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02:15 Introducing Josh Albrecht

03:30 How Josh got started in computer science

06:35 Josh's first two startup attempts

09:15 The tech behind Sourceress, an AI recruiting platform

16:10 Pivoting from Sourceress to Generally Intelligent, an AI research lab

23:50 How Josh defines "general intelligence"

28:35 Why Josh thinks self-supervised learning is the current most promising research area

36:15 Generally Intelligent's immediate research roadmap: BYOL, simulated environments

59:20 How Josh thinks about creating an optimal research environment

01:11:35 The "why" behind starting an independent research lab

01:13:30 AI alignment

01:17:00 Rapid fire questions


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