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S4 Ep 1 - How to Work Through Conflict and Find a Resolution
Episode 112th February 2021 • The 411 Live • The 411 Live
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With the uncertainty of COVID and our normalcy turned on its head, people are on edge. We see that with uncertainty, burning bridges has become easier than ever, so in this episode of The 411 Live, we are joined by Moira Kelly also known as “The Dispute Doctor” to discuss different levels of disputes and how to recognize where people are in them.

Moira Kelly is an arbitrator, mediator and negotiator as well as an expert on alternative dispute resolutions, who founded Kelly Consulting LLC located in New Berlin. Kelly Consulting LLC focuses on consulting and training in dispute resolution, labor relations and organizational effectiveness. Moira Kelly is also the author of How To Cost a Labor Contract and co-authored sections on grievance mediations and workplace conflict in Alternative Dispute Resolution by Jay E. Grenig.

One moment in the interview, Moira Kelly states, “Why can’t we just get to world peace? Well, because some people don’t want the fighting to stop.” Some people are ready to come to an agreement, and some people need a few more arguments in. They bring to light what works and what doesn’t for people who have a one track mind on what they want. Kelly also reveals that there are different types of listeners. She introduces a spectrum of methods to understand one another from different internal places. Moira Kelly highlights, “We like to hear things the way we like to hear things. There are four different ways of preferring how you listen, and these are listening styles,” and as Beverly Taylor learns these styles with her listeners, she is quick to pick up that, “knowing them can help you, otherwise people can walk away with hurt feelings.”

Join us as we talk about how to recognize and mediate some of the disputes in our lives with Moira Kelly.