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298: Navigating the Process of Hiring a Bookkeeper with Angie Noll
23rd May 2024 • Profit by Design • Dr. Sabrina Starling
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Do you need to hire a bookkeeper? Today’s episode provides clarity on this impactful decision and the process of making sure your books are handled with accuracy and expertise. Melissa Kay, the Lead Strategist at Tap the Potential, leads this interview with Angie Noll, the owner of Reconciled Solutions. Join us to learn business-saving strategies from Angie!

Angie Noll is a Profit First professional, keynote speaker, and the founder of Reconciled Solutions. Since 2006, she has helped high-achieving clients advance toward financial stability, thriving on helping business owners run the best version of their business as they develop skill sets to support profit acceleration, operational efficiency, and work-life sustainability. 

Reconciled Solutions offers ongoing bookkeeping, accounting, and advisory support to high-achieving, professional, service-based businesses. When COVID-19 hit, Angie and her team worked tirelessly to secure over $87 million in disaster relief funding for her clients; the result was that none of her clients went out of business due to the financial pain of the pandemic. Above all, Angie has the heart of a teacher, helping small business owners overcome their anxiety and understand their deeply personal stories about their business by providing accurate and actionable financials. As a keynote speaker, Angie brings energy to the room with a relatable and friendly tone, helping audiences ditch the shame and embarrassment that comes from not understanding their numbers and learning to make data-backed business decisions. Angie is a member of our Better Business Better Life Program as a rockstar client and beacon of support for her peers. Her insightful questions and unwavering enthusiasm enrich every discussion. 

Profit by Design is a Tap the Potential Production.

Show Highlights:

  • The #1 reason why hiring a bookkeeper is crucial for your business!
  • Your strengths as a small business owner are most likely NOT in bookkeeping and accounting.
  • Fact: We, as business owners, are scared to address our bookkeeping needs.
  • Having clarity about your business comes through accurate and efficient bookkeeping.
  • Angie’s proactive approach to post-pandemic trends in payroll costs
  • The strategy and perspective of a bookkeeper will help you gain control and insight into your business.
  • Finding and fixing your biggest business problems begins with your QuickBooks file.
  • Business owners can gain perspective, understanding, and control by having their financials in order.
  • Services to expect from a bookkeeper
  • Costs to expect when hiring a bookkeeper
  • Where to begin if your books are in a mess
  • Angie’s advice: “Stop the insanity. Pick up the phone and call for help. Beat the statistics of 50% of businesses failing within the first five years.”

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