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E53 - Podcast Show and Plans for Season Two
Episode 5324th May 2024 • Creatives With AI • Futurehand Media
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In this episode of Creatives WithAI, host David Brown provides a brief update from the Podcast Show in London. He expresses gratitude to listeners and guests for their support in the first year.

Looking ahead to season two, David plans to incorporate more in-person interviews and on-the-spot conversations at events. He aims to explore how various professionals, including broadcasters and producers, use AI in their work.

Exciting new guests are lined up, and next week's episode will feature a series of Vox-Pop interviews.

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00:00 - David Brown (Host)

Well, hello everybody. Welcome to the Creatives WithAI podcast. I'm your host, David, and I'm reporting live today from the Podcast Show in London.

So this is just a small update on what we're going to do in season two or year two of the show, and, first of all, I wanted to thank everybody for all the listeners for listening to the show. I know we have several dedicated listeners and we have loads of fans who listen to the show all the time, and I really, really appreciate all the feedback and the comments and the listens that I get from everybody. And I also want to thank all my guests who've been on the show. Without the guests, the podcast is nothing because I don't think anybody wants to sit around and listen to me talk about I don't know AI all the time, just on my own, and so the guests that I've had so far have been amazing. We've had some amazing conversations, and so I just want to say thank you to them as well.


As far as what's coming up this year, my plan is to do a little bit more like this, so maybe get out of the studio some or maybe do some in-person interviews instead of doing everything remotely, so that's one of my goals for year two or season two, and I think that you know AI has changed a lot over the past year and it's only going to keep changing week on week on week. So I think the conversations are going to be we're going to have even more interesting conversations. I'm going to do some sort of on-the-spot interviews with people at the show. So next week, look forward to that. I'm going to just going to go around and talk to loads of different people and get their opinions on AI, how they're using it in their business and how they're using it in their workflow.


There's a lot of people here Not everybody is a podcaster. There's loads of broadcasters here, there's people who do technical work, there's producers, but pretty much everybody is creative, and so I think going and getting everybody's opinion on you know how they're using it and what they think, will be quite interesting as well. So I'm going to pull all that together for next week and then in the coming weeks we'll have some more super interesting guests, which I already have lined up. So I'm really excited for that and uh, anyway, yeah, so just a quick one this week just to let you know, uh, to say thank you and to say, I'm looking forward to season two and doing more exciting episodes. So we'll see everybody next week with some sort of yeah, vox, pop, man on the Street type stuff. Hopefully we'll have video for everybody and then we'll get back to the regularly scheduled shows after that. But anyway, have a good weekend, everybody, and we'll see you soon. Bye-bye.




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