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Introducing Happy Millionaire
24th August 2022 • Joyful Entrepreneur • Jay Radia & Rupy Aujla
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Rupy Aujla: Hello. I'm Rupy Aujla, longtime podcast host and early stage tech founder. 

Jay Radia: And I'm Jay, Radia new to podcasting, but I know a thing or two about startups. 

Rupy Aujla: Yeah. Jay's kind of underselling himself there. He's built tech companies worth half a billion dollars. So what are we doing here, Jay? 

Jay Radia: Well, I'm gonna help you grow your tech product to a crazy level and we'll take the listeners along for the ride. 

Rupy Aujla: Yeah. Awesome. And I'll use everything I've learned from my years as a doctor, to help you with things like purpose, wellbeing, and generally optimising for happiness. Rich person problems. And each week we'll chat about things we've learned, whether that's hack to get more customers or how you, Jay have outsourced your dating life. 

Jay Radia: Yeah. And sometimes, well known guests will join us from the startup world and beyond. So who do you think should listen to this Rupes? 

Rupy Aujla: Well, I think if you're an entrepreneur or interested in startups, as well as having a positive impact and staying happy along the way, you're really gonna enjoy this show. 

Jay Radia: So to kick back with us every Tuesday, follow a Happy Millionaire, wherever you get your podcasts.