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Infographics & Awesomeness – My Interview with Ching of Piktochart WPCP: 080
11th December 2015 • The Kim Doyal Show • Kim Doyal
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As you all know, I am such a geek when it comes to the visual side of the web. I LOVE graphics, icons, info graphics, and tools and all that awesome stuff. So I’m super excited to be able to talk to Ching from Piktochart today. Before Ching founded Piktochart, she studied experimental psychology and worked at Procto and Gamble where she found that she really like info graphics. She looked to see if someone had created a tool that she could use to make them, but there really wasn’t anything out there. After talking to the now co-founder of Piktochart, Andrea, she decided that she wanted to create something people could use to create graphics they needed. Andrea was her then boyfriend, now husband, and he was more of the tech side of the team because he was very involved in the Wordpress framework and PHP; Ching was more of the creative/marketing side of the team so together they worked on their idea then they brought it to an Excelerator in China. 30 days after they pitched their idea, it took only about 30 days for them to step into the Excelerator.  Questions I Asked Ching: How can someone use Piktochart? What tips would Ching give to someone who wants to start making info graphics? What kind of people use Piktochart? What’s coming in the future for Piktochart? Things You’ll Learn: What differentiates Piktochart from other tools and programs. How Ching and Andrea make sure that Piktochart is always benefiting their audience’s needs. Different ways to use Piktochart without using data.  The importance of info graphics.  [tweet_box]“You’re not just creating a visual piece for a post, this is a way to generate traffic and connect with your audience…” - @piktochart [/tweet_box] Where to Connect with Ching Website | Facebook| Twitter Links Mentioned in the Podcast: Piktochart Other Episodes You Might Enjoy: Video Advertising with Gideon Shalwick Clammr for Content - Interview with Parviz Parvizi When it All Comes Together and You Still Feel the Doubts