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We Need To Talk About Sneaker Collaborations
Episode 101st April 2024 • Sneaker History Podcast - Sneakers, Sneaker Culture and the Business of Footwear • Sneaker History - Retrospect Podcasts
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In this episode, Nick, Robbie, Rohit, and Mike, discuss various collaborations in the sneaker game. They start by sharing their recent rockin' and coppin' experiences. Then, they delve into anime collaborations, highlighting the Hunter x Hunter and One Piece collaborations with Reebok. They also discuss the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles collaboration with Puma and the PSG Air Max Plus collaboration with Nike. The hosts explore the appeal of collaborations and the potential for growth in this market. The conversation explores the appeal of different sneaker designs and the balance between safe and creative colorways in collaborations. It discusses the perception of collaborations and the importance of appealing to different audiences. The conversation also touches on the frustration with repetitive designs and the significance of storytelling in collaborations. It explores different approaches to collaborations, such as playing to brand strengths or taking more nuanced approaches. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the desire for sale prices and the approach to collaborations if given the opportunity.

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00:00 Introduction and Rockin' and Coppin'

09:32 Anime Collaborations: Hunter x Hunter and One Piece

16:19 Cartoon Collaborations: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

24:47 The Potential of Collaborations

25:20 Discussion of Sneaker Designs

26:01 Collaborations and Brand Identity

26:56 The Appeal of Unique Designs

28:19 Balancing Safe and Creative Colorways

28:59 The Perception of Collaborations

30:21 Appealing to Different Audiences

31:21 The Success of Basic Colorways

32:38 Using Brand Identity in Collaborations

33:34 The Necessity of Safe Collaborations

34:00 The Frustration with Repetitive Designs

35:07 The Importance of Storytelling in Collaborations

36:31 The Connectivity of Collaborations

37:25 Approaches to Collaborations

38:16 Playing to Brand Strengths

39:17 Nuanced Stories in Collaborations

40:16 Balancing Wild and Safe Approaches

41:43 The Enduring Appeal of Certain Designs

43:03 The Appeal of Consistent Colorways

44:21 The Desire for Sale Prices

45:19 Approaching Collaborations

46:57 Mismatched Shoes and Brand Identity

49:49 Approaching Collaborations

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