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Ep.103 – Luana Garcia Ozemela - An inspiring success story
Episode 10329th November 2021 • Empowered to Grow • Dr Hanan El Basha
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Chatting with Luana Garcia Ozemela brings

up a lot of good vibes and commitment of oneself and others. Sharing her personal

success story. Analyzing Diversity and Inclusion, women and women of color in

leadership, entrepreneurship.


Luana Garcia Ozemela CEO and founder of

DIMA, a boutique development impact consulting firm established in Qatar. She

is an experienced economist with a PhD in Economics and project evaluation and

experience in more than 20 countries, including deals totaling $500 million.

She brings more than 20 years of multi-sector experience in companies such as

the Inter-American Development Bank and Hewlett-Packard. She is on a mission to

make financial markets more inclusive and build generational wealth among

People of African Descent and women.

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