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Flawed All Or Nothing Immigration Reform Strategy
Episode 14423rd February 2023 • The Immigration Mastermind • Carlos Batara
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Since I started paying attention to politics in junior high school, I’ve considered myself to be a liberal – and often a so-called “radical” liberal.

But as time has passed, I have noticed that my views do not always jive with the opinions of those considered liberals in the media. 

Take immigration. 

Like my colleagues, I am angry at what is going at our country’s southwest borders.

I am angry with the mistreatment of poor, starving, luckless folks by border agents, and the shameless grandstanding of politicians who only care to manipulate the public to vote for them. 

But I am also upset with my side of the political aisle for not understanding that an “all or nothing” stance will not get us, as a nation, closer to a resolution for those vulnerable souls in need of help and compassion.

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