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10: Meditation & Yoga 101 - Guided meditations, self help, clairvoyance vs clairaudience, astral projection, yoga flow & more!
Episode 108th August 2021 • Awake: Not Woke • Sara & Chas
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☽Episode 10: Meditation & Yoga 101☾

On the heels of our Mental Health episode, we bring you information about how to calm the mind and slow the body. Without the proper tools to take care of our brains and our bodies, maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be difficult! We wanted to provide information on things that you can do without taking drugs or seeing a traditional doctor that can be directly impactful on your mental and physical health. Meditation and yoga are very powerful, accessible and applicable to any person and situation.

~ Stick around to the end of the episode for a 12 minute guided meditation by Chas! ~

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