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Healing Trauma to Move Forward with Corban David Jenai
Episode 8413th March 2024 • Welcome To Eloma • Kiley Peters
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How does trauma shape the journey of an entrepreneur? In this episode, Kiley Peters sits down with Corban David Jenai to tackle this complex question. Corban, a serial entrepreneur, speaker, writer, and the leader of HopeGuide, brings his personal and professional experiences to the forefront of the discussion.

Corban defines trauma not simply as events but as our body's response to these events, affecting our nervous system and thought patterns. He shares his experiences by highlighting the importance of understanding and addressing these responses for personal growth and resilience.

The conversation covers the specific challenges entrepreneurs face, like hypervigilance and workaholism, and how these can stem from unresolved trauma. Corban offers insights into recognizing and overcoming these issues including 4 key steps to address trauma and reduce barriers to healing. These include:

  • Paying attention to what you put in your body, focusing on healthy and nourishing foods to support your nervous system.
  • Prioritizing quality sleep to enhance your capacity to handle difficult situations and process emotional experiences.
  • Engaging in regular physical movement to release stress and tension stored in the body, promoting overall well-being.
  • Cultivating meaningful relationships and connections with others to heal from relational trauma and experience support and understanding.

Corban's perspective offers a roadmap for entrepreneurs looking to navigate their own experiences with trauma and find a path to healing and success.


  • “I think that it can be helpful to identify in our lives where we may have trauma that's sort of left unaddressed. But I want to be very clear, as I've said in the beginning, it doesn't mean that something is broken. It doesn't mean that you're broken. Our ability to handle hard things and store it in our body is a f***ing miracle. Like, it's not something that's wrong with us. It's something that's very, very right with us. But at some point, we need to be able to have a release valve. (24:57 | Corban David Jenai)
  • “We live in a world where a lot of the natural mechanisms for releasing what The hard things of the past, that's how I refer to it. Those don't have to become trauma. But when they are undealt with and there is emotional processes that have not been allowed to complete, particularly the hard ones, that can turn into a trauma, that can turn into trauma in our bodies.” (25:32 | Corban David Jenai)
  • “It's better to start with purpose than profit. And just trust that if you start with purpose, and of course, don't ignore profit, we need that. But if we start with purpose, we can find our way to profit. And if you start with profit, you don't always find your way to purpose.” (40:11 | Corban David Jenai)
  • “There's just lots of different ways that we can find ourselves in trauma, kind of an endless number of ways. However, the way that trauma can manifest in our lives, the kind of issues that we can have is, it is very common for people to be um, in, in fight or flight, for example, which means that we're, we're not using our executive functioning as much. We're really reacting instead of acting.” (10:57 | Corban David Jenai)


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