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Enhance your Wellness with Light | Dr. Alexis Cowan
Episode 10518th June 2024 • The Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Show • Dr. Gabrielle Lyon
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Ever wondered how red and infrared light enhance your health and vitality? Join Dr. Alexis Cowan as she dives deep into the fascinating world of photobiomodulation, mitochondrial health, and the profound impact of natural light on our biology. From debunking myths about UV exposure to exploring the synergy between cold exposure and sunlight, this enlightening conversation offers practical insights for optimizing your daily environment to support overall well-being. Discover the secrets of harnessing sunlight and cold therapy to boost energy, improve sleep, and promote resilience. 

Whether you're curious about biohacking through light and nature or seeking evidence-based insights to improve your health, this conversation offers profound insights and evidence-based strategies to support your wellness journey.

Don't miss out on these essential tips for unlocking your body's full potential!

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