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Episode 519th November 2022 • All the scattered pieces • Kathryn Asher
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It's a big question. Not only because it is a BIG question but, because it can only be answered once you've looked at a lot of BIG things. You cannot stand for anything until you've held yourself accountable for EVERYTHING you believe and have experienced in order to know your truth, your mission, your SELF.

Self worth is imperative in understanding the answers to this question. If you do not know your SELF you cannot possibly answer this question. You do not have the right for you will be answering it from an unconscious level. This question requires your awareness. Your focus. Your attention on the highest level.

So, with that, this post looks at the authentic truths and the total opposites of these truths. The biggest virus on this earth is WETIKO - The disease of the mind. Where the unconscious attacks the conscious because, the conscious looks at life through a mirror, reflecting every option around them so that they get the full 360 and can thus make up THEIR OWN MINDS however, the unconscious do not know that the mirror is a mirror therefore attacks the world because they refuse to take accountability for views they cannot understand because THEIR MIND IS NOT THEIR OWN. They are controlled. They are vampires, therefore they cannot stand for anything because they do not possess the power to do so.

We are however, awakening from this fog. This disease that has weighed us down in a dense mist of confusion and pain so those of us that are conscious have a responsibility to hold space for those going through the thick of this fog. It is ugly and awful but, we want people to take responsibility for themselves. Hold accountability so that they can STAND FOR THEMSELVES and we are just at the beginning of a new epoch in time where this is truly unfolding but, we need to see both sides of the coin, the dark and the light, so that we can come back to center!