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The Dark Side and the Good Side of HR – with Emma Wynne #014
Episode 1411th December 2019 • The HR L&D Podcast • Nick Day - JGA Payroll Recruitment
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The Dark Side and the Good Side of HR - with Emma Wynne #014

Nick Day from JGA HR Recruitment is joined on the HR L&D Podcast by Emma Wynne, Managing Director of GatewayHR, an incredibly successful service provider of outsourced Human Resources Functions to talk about the dark side of HR and the good side of HR.  GatewayHR offer a full suite of HR services ranging from people management and development solutions to audits, mediation services, and engagement surveys and more!

In particular, we discuss:

* Managing Employee Engagement

* Managing Mental Health and Wellbeing

* Multi-generational Workforce Management

* Personable HR

* Improving happiness at work.

Emma started GatewayHR in 2007 and she possesses an MA in HR Management and has lectured at the University of Northampton and the CIPD at Master’s Degree level and she often presents at conferences across the UK!

In this "The Dark Side and the Good Side of HR" episode of the HR L&D Podcast with Emma Wynne, we discover:

* Emma's personal journey that led to her launching GatewayHR

* What is the 'Dark side of HR' and what is the 'Good side of HR'?

* Managing employee engagement better, what good engagement looks like and the steps a business can take to achieve it?

* The lessons we can learn from bad managers!

* How can we better engage Millennials?

* How working environments can affect staff engagement, mental health and wellbeing?

* Are businesses paying enough attention to Mental Health?

* What companies can do to help promote and create an open environment in relation to Mental Health?

* What are the signs we need to look out for and if we suspect an employee us suffering from a mental health issue?

* Are businesses doing enough to promote multi-generational workforces?

* The benefits multi-generational approaches provide to a business

To find out more about Emma Wynne and the links referred to in this "Aligning Culture with Community, Leadership & Profits" episode are highlighted below:

* Connect with Emma Wynne on Linkedin: 

* For more information about GatewayHR:

* JGA HR recruitment Services (HR Recruitment Services)

* Nick Day - (Contact the HR L&D Podcast Host)

* Nick Day: Linkedin Profile

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