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Being Valuable During Virtual Events | TSMP #100
Episode 1003rd April 2022 • The Gig Hero • The Gig Hero
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Don’t Miss Out On Virtual Shows While You Gear Up For In-Person Shows

Even though in-person events have resumed in many parts of the world, the need for virtual shows remains unwavering. Many performers are making a pretty penny from it, and we wouldn’t want you to miss out.

Marketing virtual shows, and then getting people to actually turn up for the show are daunting tasks. If you identify your clients’ problems with virtual events and volunteer to resolve them, you will become incredibly valuable to them. Clients book performers who add value.  

In this episode, Aidan and Ashley share ideas on adding value to virtual events, marketing the right way, and adopting simple solutions to seemingly complex business problems.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • [00:35] Are Virtual Events Still A Thing?
  • [05:15] Finding Value In The Virtual Space
  • [09:35] Going From In-Person Shows To Virtual Shows
  • [13:00] How To Choose The Simplest Solution
  • [14:25] Ashley’s Experience With Sign Up Vs. Attendance
  • [15:05] Three Ideas To Get More People Turn Up For Your Shows
  • [19:15] The Best Form Of Marketing
  • [21:00] Aligning Your Product With Clients’ Expectations
  • [23:55] Alternative Opportunities At Virtual Events
  • [26:05] Writing Attractive Copies Of Your Offers
  • [30:30] How To Get A ‘Better Package’

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