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Of Music and Men - Kayona Ebony Brown BONUS EPISODE, 20th May 2020
Bonus - Personality types and updates

Bonus - Personality types and updates

In this bonus update episode, I talk about my goal for this project: Of music and men inspire a generation of women to take risks and not wait for permission or perfection before doing something they know is great.

I also discuss making a new logline for the show: After dropping out of college less than a year in, an ambitious young woman tries to succeed as an entrepreneur helming her own indie record company while navigating bachelorettehood; the only problem is, she’s in the wrong place for entertainment pursuits, not to mention, the country's worst city for single women: Washington, DC.

I talk about "diversity" (real LIFE) on the page versus diversity on the screen--and the word “diversity”. I explore this through making Tk a lesbian woman instead of keeping that character as it was first made in male form because I wasn't doing a good job of giving the LGBTQIA community enough representation in this story.

And I have fun revealing the females characters' personality types using 16personalities.com as reference. Visit our Pinterest for more on their style.
  1. Tk - Kenya’s artist, started as male, changed to female (diversity is not just race) - wanted to show a different type of female friendship, from Baltimore but has lived in DC since after college and UMD, is married with a kid (artsy upbringing, was never “in”) - ISTJ
  2. Ty - divorcing when we meet, post-doc to become psychologist, Ivy league educated (Princeton), comes from very old money (african), liberal heart but conservative in most ways (religious), southern sensibilities, mature/grownup - INFJ
  3. J - beauty is your first thought, Latina (El Salvador/DR), knows her roots but grew up being seen as American Black in Chicago, Howard summa cum laude, journalist for a female lifestyle mag (arts and culture), sex-positive (gets to know people through sex) - ESTP
  4. Kenya - defined by her ambition (most likely to succeed), college dropout of Prince Hall U (like NYU, private, top-tier), only one of the girls from DC (like most people here), has unique interests (various interests) and finds it difficult to connect with most men because of this, not easily distracted - ENFJ

Music for this episode is “Weightless” by LIQWYD