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Pinterest: Your New Marketing Superpower
23rd September 2020 • Social Post • MeetEdgar
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There’s a reason why Pinterest is often compared to an “endless rabbit hole”: the social media platform, known for its visual curation of content, it’s eye candy at its finest. And the best news is, when you start using Pinterest for business, you’ll see that it is possible to harness this superpower for your own use.

Pinterest makes it easy for users to search for content, collect the posts they like, and organize it in a way that is personal to their needs. And unlike Instagram, the biggest advantage is that content can be linked-to another source, allowing the potential to drive traffic and conversions.

The platform is also constantly revitalizing its user experience and e-commerce options. Now people can shop directly from Pinterest (which is great, because 90% of weekly Pinners make purchase decisions on Pinterest).

We’ve outlined some steps to help you create your perfect Pinterest content strategy.

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