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Branded Podcast Secrets - Erin Gregor EPISODE 1, 2nd June 2021
Podcasts, Radio, Networks, Oh My!
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Podcasts, Radio, Networks, Oh My!

The word 'podcast' has been lumped with many other mediums, and it can be confusing to know where the best place to put your audio and video content is.

In this episode of Branded Podcast Secrets, you'll hear from Scott Miller, CEO of Center Post Media. Scott's podcast is called: Create, Build, and Manage, and he helps clients with their content and more importantly the strategy behind the distribution.

In this episode, we discussed what it takes to have your content be found on places like Roku, what Scott is doing to market his own podcast, other strategies he's using to get the name out on his podcast, plus so much more.

To learn more about Scott, visit: www.CenPost.com

If you're interested in starting your own branded podcast, feel free to set up a 1:1 Consultation with me here: https://calendly.com/erin-gregor/podcasting_consult_30