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Doing is in the Destination w/Jessica DeRose -30
Episode 3010th January 2023 • THE GRIT SHOW • Shawna Rodrigues
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Jessica DeRose has a powerful story, and in our conversation, there are a lot of unique pieces you might find resonance with. Jess is clear that walking away from her secure career as a teacher wasn’t courageous, it was necessary. As I listened to her share, she also clarified that, although her results are astounding, there were years of experience and effort that coalesced to make it all possible. Perhaps the key was walking away from the safety net and focusing on the next part of her path. Jessica has continued to find ways to evolve, even moving past her impressive role as a celebrity personal trainer, to find new ways to grow and give back. You need to hear her explain it, but her perspective on how your willingness to grow determines the growth of everything around you; is powerful. 

Our conversation is an excellent addition to your January arsenal of expanding your perspective and taking on 2023. Be sure to check out her reading vault, and learn more about The Digital Business Evolution, her way of inspiring change, making a massive impact, and leaving a lasting legacy.

Since leaving her teaching job in 2017, Jessica turned her once “cute side hustle” into a multimillion-dollar business. Read her full bio on her website.

Listen now to learn how a podcast was the final wake-up call that led to her leaving her teaching career and how she found success by reverse engineering her goals.

Connect with Jessica

Resource mentioned: Reading Vault


Instagram: @iamjessicaderose

Podcast: Digital Business Evolution with Jessica DeRose



Episode Timeline:

[00:43] Introducing Jessica DeRose

 [02:14] Leap of Faith

 [13:21] About Digital Business Evolution

 [16:18] The universe connecting her to Pencils of Promise

 [19:53] Knowing yourself

 [25:16] The growth of Jessica’s company

 [32:30] Self-care is slowing down and getting quiet

 [36:26] Trusting where you need to be

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