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Hack Your Health With Hydrogen: Tyler LeBaron Explains Why Molecular Hydrogen is Fundamental to Optimal Wellbeing
2nd December 2020 • The Superhumanize Podcast •
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Today's guest runs two and a half hour marathons and deadlifts 450 pounds. He is also one of the smartest guys I've ever met. His name is Tyler LeBaron, and he's the founder and executive director of the science-based nonprofit Molecular Hydrogen Institute.

Molecular hydrogen is what's been called the miracle molecule in biohacker circles. It's been credited with preventing everything from radiation damage, hangovers, reducing inflammation, scavenging free radicals, promoting cellular health, increasing physical and mental energy, improving cognitive function, sleep, and even enhancing athletic performance.

Tyler is an expert in all things, molecular hydrogen. His background is in biochemistry and he interned at the renowned Japanese Nagoya University in the Department of Neurogenetics to research the molecular mechanisms of hydrogen gas on cell signaling pathways. He's also a director of the International Hydrogen Standards Association, and the International Molecular Hydrogen Association.

Tyler speaks at medical conferences all across the world and collaborates with researchers at home and abroad in order to help advance the education research and awareness of hydrogen as a therapeutic medical gas.

And I am very excited to go on a deep dive with them about everything molecular hydrogen.

In my conversation with Tyler Lebaron, you'll hear:

-How Tyler became interested in molecular hydrogen initially...03:33

-What does hydrogen do once it's in our bodies?...09:05

-The status of hydrogen research in the US...11:26

-Molecular hydrogen used to treat rheumatoid arthritis...16:10

-Legit benefits of molecular hydrogen or a placebo?...21:08

-Positive side effects of molecular hydrogen...27:27

-Why you can't rely on breath alone...31:59

-Things to watch for when buying molecular hydrogen...36:41

-The case for hydrogen as the origin of the universe...41:48

-How hydrogen acts as an antioxidant...46:00

-The thing that has most profoundly impacted Tyler's human experience...50:14


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