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Seth Erickson: Getting More Results With The Power of Storytelling For Your Business
Episode 26321st July 2022 • Authentic Brand Mastery Podcast • Change Creator
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Storytelling is the heart of marketing, but what do you need to know to make it work for your business?

We connected with Seth Erickson who shares the answer to that question and much more. Seth Erickson is the Chief Mischief Maker for Storify Agency, where he works with startups and other businesses to build unique brands. And also an award-winning author of the book "How to Hack Humans: Storytelling for Startups."

More About Seth:

Perhaps most notable is the career Seth has built by merging aspects rarely found together: business, creativity, and wit. Seth uses storytelling as a way of helping businesses, specifically Startups. Statistics say 90% of start-ups fail.

Seth’s vision is to reduce that disheartening number by at least 10%. Here cognizesmanyStartup’sexcel at building their tech and ideas but fall short when communicating their value to the world. Enter Seth, who teaches these budding business owners one of the most effective communication methods.

An art form that has been a part of humanity for as long as...well...humans—storytelling. He has seen firsthand how incorporating storytelling can make a presentation and product stand out and become memorable to investors and customers alike.

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