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EP 230 Resetting Your Stress Baseline: Insights from HeartMath
Episode 23012th February 2024 • Live & Lead With Heart • Alexandra Swenson-Ridley
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In this episode, Dr. Alex shares her personal experience of dealing with a frozen well and being without water while her husband is out of town. She reflects on how she has learned to manage stress and regulate her emotions through a recent HeartMath certification in clinical stress, anxiety, and emotional regulation. We dive into the possibility of resetting our stress baseline and capacity for dealing with day to day life well. Dr. Alex shares how she used to react to stressful situations compared to her current ability to handle them. Although she hasn't completely mastered it yet, she shares her progress in managing stress and not allowing it to overwhelm her and shares tips with the listener on how to start this journey for yourself.

00:00:02 - Water Troubles in Alaska
00:00:44 - HeartMath Clinical Certification
00:01:15 - Resetting Stress Baseline
00:02:10 - Dealing with Well Issues
00:03:03 - Capacity for Life's Challenges
00:03:44 - Flexibility in Stress Response
00:04:05 - Impact of Stress on Health
00:04:59 - Personal Experience with Stress
00:05:41 - Tracking Stress with Technology
00:06:02 - Self-Regulation and Emotional Connection
00:07:17 - Reconnecting to Your Body
00:08:10 - Heart Focused Breathing Technique
00:09:25 - Resetting Stress Baseline with Emotions
00:10:06 - Personal Reflections on Stress
00:11:00 - Heart Rate Variability and Health
00:12:13 - Achieving Coherence in the Body
00:13:18 - Personal and Family Stress Dynamics
00:14:03 - Building Relationships Under Stress
00:15:07 - The Shift: A New Program
00:17:24 - Understanding Freeze Response
00:18:17 - The Importance of Intentionality
00:19:01 - Assessing Your Stress Baseline
00:20:48 - Personal Results from HeartMath
00:21:52 - Join the Off Social Media Group





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