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Almost 30 - Lindsey Simcik EPISODE 157, 16th October 2018
Ep. 157 - Overcoming Grief + Loss by Connecting to Spirit with Medium Tim Braun
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Ep. 157 - Overcoming Grief + Loss by Connecting to Spirit with Medium Tim Braun

Recent discussions in our Secret Facebook group inspired today’s episode.  So many of you have turned to the group for guidance and advice surrounding the pain of grief and loss.  How do we cope? Does it get easier? When our loved one’s pass, where do they go and how do they feel? Tim Braun is a world-renowned medium who has performed over 15,000 individual sittings across two decades, and has become the medium people connect with to heal in the wake of losing a loved one or immense loss.


Tim is so kind, funny, and intentional.  He does not filter what comes through from the other side.  His gift is to bring forth the messages from loved ones passed to those still in the physical world.  Lindsey has been sitting with Tim once a year for about three years. Each time, she experiences deep healing in connecting with her loved ones and friends who have passed.  Often times they have messages for her about what is currently happening in her life, which is immensely comforting and affirming that they are with us always.


We discuss…

  • Lindsey and Krista’s reading with Tim
  • Healthy ego + staying within our humbleness
  • When Tim realized he had his gift + how he learned to use it
  • Tim’s aspirations to be a talk show host
  • Getting some answers about aliens, psychics, and more
  • Tim’s skepticism
  • When we pass over
  • What Tim sees, hears, and feels during a reading
  • Grief, loss, and how to cope
  • Everyone has intuition!!
  • What it’s like at Tim’s live events
  • God giveth + God taketh


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