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As a movie about movie making, Bowfinger leaves no stone unturned in its ruthless attempt to expose filmmaking in Hollywood, and just like this podcast, how difficult it is to get any movie actually made. Granted, it is slightly harder when your action hero doesn't know he's in it...

It mocks the range of cliched Hollywood personas, from the waning diva to naïve ingenue turned sexy starlet. It pokes fun at studio executives who seem to be primarily concerned with their vintage vehicles rather than their children or ex-wives, and shows Mexican immigrants as highly capable and intelligent people, who learn on the job, and become probably the most professional people in the whole crew.

Bowfinger is more than just a funny movie, although it definitely is that. It also makes astute observations about immigration, institutional racism, ageism, sexism and the cult of cults (definitely not Scientology).

Gotcha suckers!

I would love to hear your thoughts on Bowfinger !



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