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How To Succeed As A Service Business With Maggie Patterson
Episode 5611th March 2021 • Coffee and Converse • Diane Mayor
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If you’re a service business and you’re feeling the weight on demanding clients and think the only to scale is to step back with a course or membership, the solution could be simpler than you think

Maggie Patterson brings her 16 years of entrepreneur experiences to provide a BS-free look at service businesses and their unique challenges in the online world.

Key Takeaway

Service businesses are the backbone of many big businesses and if we continue to invalidate it as a business model we’re going to find a gaping hole when we need their resources.

We talk about

  • How to scale a service business even if you don’t want to build a course or membership
  • How to use communication to set your boundaries and cover your butt
  • What to do before you “invest in your business”
  • Maggie’s lifestyle boundary for her business
  • The worst cookie-cutter advice Maggie’s been given on her lifestyle business


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