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An insane story of isolation, humanity and brands
Episode 712th May 2020 • The Total Experience Podcast • Tribal London
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What can one man’s horrendous ordeal at the hands of a Japanese game show teach us about the need for more empathetic brand experiences?

In this episode:

January 1998: casting for a new show

  • The luck of the draw
  • Meet Nasubi
  • A secret destination

'A life out of prizes'

  • Naked and alone with only a phone
  • The million yen target
  • Eggplants and modesty

The physical impact of isolation

  • A starvation diet
  • The first roll of toilet paper
  • What you own but can't use

The mental impact of isolation

  • Curtailed stimulus
  • Compensating for lack of emotional feedback
  • Anthropomorphising
  • Radical deterioration and mental suffering

Doubling down on the cruelty

  • An unwitting megastar
  • Victory - suspended
  • Nasubi in Korea
  • Nasubi flies home
  • The brutal show finale

We are all Nasubi

  • Parallel experiences
  • The impact of isolation

An analogy for brand experience

  • More anxious, more cautious, more socially isolated and lonelier
  • The practicalities of a post-Covid economy
  • Not making isolation worse
  • Be more 'Great British Bake Off"
  • Enhancing what makes us human
  • Brands not just claiming human qualities but exhibiting them