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Colin Unsworth | Naked Across Britain
Episode 16326th May 2023 • Bikepack Adventures Podcast • Chris Panasky
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In this episode of the Bikepack Adventures Podcast, I have a chance to speak with Colin Unsworth. What's interesting about Colin is that he is a naturalist, a re-wilder and lives on a canal boat. He calls himself a free-wilder, preferring to be naked in nature. In the summer of 2022, Colin and his partner Sadie, rode a tandem bike 1000 miles from John O'Groats to Land's End in the United Kingdom. The catch is that they did it totally in the buff. Throughout today's episode we talk about the logistics of cycling naked across the U.K., challenges with society's views towards nudity and various other interesting occurrences throughout the trip. They departed on the adventure with the intent of raising funds for a couple charities and surprisingly, with the amount of publicity they received, they were able to raise far more than planned.

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