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Ep53 Liquid, Solid, Gas: Overcoming Today’s Go-Sell-Value Challenge
Episode 5320th August 2020 • Inside: Sales Enablement • Scott Santucci, Brian Lambert
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Welcome to the Inside: Sales Enablement Podcast Episode 53

Nine 4x2 Lego blocks have over 9 Billion unique combinations. How many "legos" does your product, solution, or service have? No matter how you define a "lego" at your company, the permutations are astounding, and yet this is the challenge salespeople navigate daily.

On top of this, your company is changing -- rapidly. Moving from one form or the other. This journey represents another challenge salespeople must navigate.

In this podcast, Brian and Scott are joined by Chad Quinn, the CEO & Co-Founder, Ecosystems and Jason Cunliffe, Group VP Content Marketing Services at IDC. Chad and Jason have created a partnership. How did it form? By a shared client's definition of value and the blending of capabilities to help sellers navigate a complex buyer-seller relationship.

In this podcast, you'll hear:

  • The definition of value
  • Ways company's evolve their value communication approach
  • Ideas to make value clear
  • Ways to relieve seller burden in the sales process