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The Travel Podcast - The Travel Podcast EPISODE 67, 20th May 2021
Jersey: An island of rediscovery!
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Jersey: An island of rediscovery!

In this episode, Jules welcomes the Jersey Tourist Board to discuss what this incredible island can offer to its visitors. 

Jersey. An island of rediscovery where landscapes are just waiting to be explored. Whether it’s the view from the battlements of a 12th century castle, a beach walk along Jersey’s unspoilt coastline or taking time to reflect while you watch the sun sink into the sea over St Ouen’s Bay, Jersey is there to be discovered.

Key Topics

  • Adventures From valley adventures and rib tours
  • What's new for 2021 and the current entry requirements for those travelling to Jersey.
  • History and culture
  • Local cuisine
  • World Famous Jersey Cows