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The Importance of Sharing Your Voice
Episode 1826th April 2022 • The PodCASH Show • Pod Kai Media
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Show Summary: “If you put yourself out there, you will find your purpose in serving the right target market aligned with your goals and core values.”

We all have distinct stories in our life journeys. No matter what expertise or field of work we belong to, each has unique methods of accomplishing specific projects. At the same time, we all have different challenges and needs in our daily tasks. In this sense, we are all essential, and we all have a voice that can benefit other people. 

In this episode, I want you to let go of your doubts and hesitations and jump out of your safe zone. Listen as I share my experiences and thoughts on how I brought myself out there in the podcasting world.

Know that there are people who share the same goals and values as you, and they need you, and the only way for them to know you is when you take a chance to explore and connect. You have that purpose of being a source of knowledge and realize how fulfilling it is to be a part of something big.

Join me and let your stories, messages, and experiences contribute to someone else’s life. Share this episode with your family and friends who have the same potential as you!

Exceptional Highlights:

  • If you're overthinking whether you're going to start creating content and educating people about what to do, then, this is the best time for you to do that. 
  • Whether it's the same industry, not all people would go for that big player because we have different personalities and behaviors. The ones that will resonate with your story and values are the people who will stick with you.
  • You have to put yourself out there because you have to know these people, and you have to know their struggles. And you can be the solution to their problems.

Show Highlights:

Putting yourself out there contributes to your growth

Kai 2:11

  • By sharing your knowledge, you do brain dumping. You record what you currently know, and you can listen and go back to it anytime. By doing this, you give yourself room to learn more.

Kai 2:45

  • You wouldn't know if someone needs your help unless you ask or make them aware of what you can do.

Connecting to people with the same frequency

Kai 3:05

  • People will think that they have to do everything by themselves until they find the right person to help them with their struggles, pain, and the thing that slows them down.

Kai 3:58

  • When they're with the wrong group of people, and they find that someone exists who is more aligned with their values, which is YOU, they would go for you.

The four pillars of success

Kai 4:20

  • The four pillars of success that we rely on are making decisions, taking action, analyzing results, and adjusting. 

Kai 4:21

  • You cannot go on to the last step, which is to adjust if you don't have any results. You have to identify if what you are analyzing is either your results or your thoughts. The imagination that creates fear inside you prevents you from taking action.

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