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Conversations for Change - Dolphin Kasper EPISODE 15, 5th October 2020
Episode #15 - Conversations for Change with Guest Zamir Dhanji
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Episode #15 - Conversations for Change with Guest Zamir Dhanji

In this episode, Dolphin Kasper speaks with Yoga Teacher and Compassinate Inquiry Facilitator Zamir Dhanji to discuss the power of presence and story. In the conversation Dolphin and Zamir discuss what it means to be an authentic and fully realized human being, the state of our current global human culture and what we might do to make our way back to individual and collective wholeness.

Zamir's goal as a yoga teacher is to inspire others to embrace the depth of what yoga has to offer - integrating our potential in body, mind, emotions and spirit. 

Short Bio

Zamir completed his 500 hr Teacher Training with David Goulet in Chakra Yoga, who learned from the late Swami Gitananda, founder of the Ananda Ashram and proponent of yoga science and tradition.

He is also an initiate of Ati-yoga under the guidance of Wisdom Master Maticintin, founder of HÜMÜH Clear-Mind Buddhism, with whom he has discipled for eight years in the practice and study of meditation and Buddhist logic.

He is a lead instructor for Langara College’s Yoga Teacher Training program and offer workshops and classes in Vancouver and beyond.

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