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How to identify and stop yourself from self-sabotaging
Episode 122nd April 2024 • Your Business, Online, Your Way • Holly Christie
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Do you find that you only ever get so far in your business? 

That, no matter how successful you are, it’s always a little less success than you hoped for? 

Wanting to always be that little bit further along than you currently are? 

Most of us self-sabotage without even realising it. We have hopes and dreams for our businesses and they often stay just that… dreams. It can be demoralising not ever being able to pin point what’s really going wrong and how to turn it about. 

In this co-hosted episode with me and Amy Newlands, my business bestie, we take a deep dive to recognise the signs that we’re self sabotaging, why we do it (anyone interested in psychology is going to love this one) and how to stop it. We draw on personal experience and years of working with other, independent businesses. 

Are you looking to be more successful in your business? 

It’s time to recognise then ditch the behaviours that are keeping you stuck. 




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