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The Best Gay City to Live in Arizona | Queer Money Ep. 479
Episode 4798th February 2024 • Queer Money®: How Gay People Do Money • Queer Money
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What is the most affordable LGBTQ+ friendly city in Arizona?

It’s home to 22 Native American Tribes, including the Hopi, Navajo, and Apache. It’s also the home to Jake Shears the lead singer of the awesomely queer band The Scissor Sisters

It’s known for the Sequaro Cactus, Antelope Canyon (one of the most IG-worthy picture locations in the world), and where about 65% of all Copper in the US is mined

This state flipped from Red to Blue in 2020, helping Biden beat the Orange Bozo, and is one of the fastest-growing states due to retirees and folks leaving California to lower their cost of living

This is Queer Money episode #479. And today, we’re sharing the most affordable, LGBTQ+-friendly city in Arizona. Now, on with the show.

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