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What's Noticeably Missing From Pride Sneakers This Year
Episode 1717th June 2024 • Sneaker History Podcast - Sneakers, Sneaker Culture and the Business of Footwear • Sneaker History - Retrospect Podcasts
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In this conversation, Nick and Robbie discuss their recent sneaker choices and the importance of representation in sneaker collections during Pride Month. They highlight Adidas' comprehensive and inclusive Pride collection, while questioning Nike's absence from the conversation. They also touch on the significance of purpose-driven shoes that allow individuals to be their authentic selves while participating in sports. The conversation explores the need for brands to partner with organizations and individuals to elevate diverse stories and experiences. During this conversation, Nick and Robbie discuss the various Pride Month shoe releases from different brands. They highlight the importance of inclusivity and representation in the sneaker industry, and express their disappointment with some brands' lack of effort in creating meaningful Pride collections. They also mention their favorite Pride shoes from the past and share tips for sneaker addicts on how to resist buying new shoes.

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